Cheers to the middler!

I would say I’m a person who thrives in the middle. In arguments, in relationships, in decisions, and in just about everything else, I fall safely in the middle. I don’t position myself far left or far right. I frequently see multiple sides to every argument. Sometimes that works to my advantage, as I can make a good mediator and I don’t take the risk of putting all my eggs in one basket. Other times it can be isolating and feel like I get judged harder because I’m not as easy to figure out. Either way, I am a middler.

But after a delightful conversation at a sketchy Thai restaurant in Orangeburg with a dear friend tonight, I’ve come to believe that Jesus, too, was a middler. He didn’t have to take sides because his platform covers all sides. Love. Love is what connects us to each other. Love is what allows us to learn from mistakes. Love is what opens our hearts. Love is what gives us the emotion of joy. Even when we don’t know, we still know love. He was made fun of, talked about, even persecuted, imprisoned, and crucified for his platform of love. Yet, love still wins. Every time.

So just as I found encouragement and strength and life in my conversation tonight, I pray that you find inspiration and clarity and hope that our Savior is a middler. He unabashedly and whole-heartedly pursues love over all other causes for the true goodness, redemption, and grace it brings to our lives until we’re reconciled to our ultimate Father of love. That’s a side I’m willing to take, friends. Cheers to the middlers!

3 thoughts on “Cheers to the middler!

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  1. I’m a middler too! Thanks for showing me that we are in a good place. Love your writing. God’s blessings to you always.


    1. As always, your words are inspiring…just as your life. Thanks for sharing and making my Thursday even more wonderful!


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