I confess God is the Creator of the universe who calls all of creation to live together and bring the Kingdom of Heaven closer to earthly life. Through God’s omnipotent and all-loving nature, God designed the world in goodness and declared humanity as caretakers for the world. I experience God as neither impassible nor immutable.

I confess Jesus Christ is the Son of God, fully human and fully divine, sent for the ultimate goal of redemption for humankind. Jesus is God incarnate who came to earth to embody justice and love. Christ offered himself so that we always have the chance to confess and return to God and to community. Jesus’ resurrection then offers us a chance at new life accompanied by the Divine.

I confess the Holy Spirit is God’s gift to humanity. The Scriptures describe how the Spirit moved in creation, anointed Christ in baptism, raised Jesus from the dead, and was poured out on the Church at Pentecost. The same Spirit is still at work. The Spirit, our advocate and companion, works within us to illuminate Scripture and to inspire us as we advance God’s mission.

I confess the mystery and the importance of the Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, three in one and one in three. The enigma around the Trinity highlights that no human image can encapsulate the fullness of this life-changing relationship. Nevertheless, we get to benefit from this holy puzzle that creates, redeems, and sustains us every single day.

I confess the Bible is the unique and authoritative witness of God’s presence in the world. The Bible is God-inspired by the Holy Spirit, written down by human hands. I claim the promise of the Scriptures, a steadfast promise open to our growth, is Good News that all can receive grace, life, and love eternal through Jesus. I believe in studying, wrestling, and living by the Truth in both the Old and New Testaments.  

I confess the Sacraments are powerful and mysterious tools employed by the Holy Spirit to declare our participation in God’s family. The Sacraments witness to Christ’s saving death and resurrection, anticipating the heavenly banquet to come. In Sacrament, we celebrate Jesus’ presence with us in everyday elements of grain, grapes, and water, conveying God’s covenant of grace open to all.

I confess that worship and the work of the Church as opportunities to glorify God and preach the Gospel. Worship brings together the covenant community of Christ’s disciples, proclaiming justice for all. The work of the church invites us all to actively participate in God’s mission. I am grateful worship and mission remind me, as a Body, we never have to do this work alone.

 “In Christ we have obtained an inheritance…so that we, who had hoped before in Christ, might live for the praise of his glory” Eph. 1:11-12. Ultimately, I confess our privilege and responsibility from the grace we have received by our adoption into the family of God is to preach the Good News and serve to bring the Kingdom closer as we await Christ’s return.