What the heck is a Quality Life Coordinator?

I just finished my first week interning at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. I am the Quality Life Coordinator for the interns and fellows.  This basically means I am in charge of food for events, transportation, scheduling, and ensuring all details are taken care of for all 23 interns.  When put in one simple sentence, it doesn’t sound like too much.  But that is misleading.  I make phone calls, have meetings, and create budgets for hours on end every day. Yet I love every second! This position was created for me because of my inquisitive nature and extreme attention to specifics.  For the first time in my life, I feel validated in a whole new way and appreciated for the unique quirks only I can bring to the table. Another part of my job will be to develop a comprehensive after-school program using a local, low-income community as the pilot program and hopefully making the curriculum mobile enough to spread around the country. I’ll have to keep you updated on how that goes because I have zero idea how to develop that. On a non-work related note, I’ve loved living in a house with all of the interns because it creates a great environment for fellowship and growth. I have been blown away most by how close we’ve all gotten and the deep conversations we’ve had in only a week.  Granted, the house is very small so you don’t have much choice but to be close with everyone!  Hearing testimonies, sharing life stories, and having theological debates are just a few of the casual events that happen every night around our house.  As the youngest intern at 19, I get to hang out with a great group of primarily 22-25 year olds.  At first, I found it incredibly intimidating and quite scary to be surrounded by so many people who had a better handle on faith and theology.  But of course, God knew what He was doing so that I could be pushed just far enough out of my comfort zone to be insanely humbled but to still find solid ground in Him.  A typical day for me for the next 2 months includes starting the day with a task I have no clue how to complete and ends with a deep conversation with my 20 new friends about life and God’s amazing presence in it. Because I am in completely uncharted territory in just about every way, I am learning to rely solely on the Father and be patient enough to wait to see what He has planned for me.

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  1. You know what is birthed from “not knowing” and “having no clue”? Life altering creativity, it is then we become co-creators with God of the kingdom he promised and the world we yearn for. Keep trying the new Kelly.


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