Writing Again

In the midst of many new challenges, I have decided to challenge myself to write again. This afternoon I read through all of my old blogs, reliving the work that God has been doing in my heart the last 2 years. It’s comical to read back and see the things I thought I knew, the things I wanted to learn, and the things I’m still trying to figure out. And as I read, I was moved. Deeply. I knew instantly that I needed to open that line of communication again, for my benefit and potentially the benefit of others. So I begin my weekly updates for the summer with a prayer.

God of grace and love and learning,

I come before you today humbled. I am humbled by the things of earth, like friends and new places and yes even Biblical Hebrew. And I am humbled by the things beyond earth, like the love you extend to those who try so hard to reject it and the power you have to make all things for good.

Lord, you have this tremendously impressive way of reminding us of the beauty within the things that humble us. Through new things and overwhelming things and stimulating things and confusing things and thrilling things and hurtful things and all things in between, you are there. It’s your heart and your hands and your plan present right there in our life. It’s there whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. That is beautiful.

For the beauty in the things seen, unseen, and not yet seen, I am left thankful. All I can be sure of is that you are working and you are working to make all things good. I may question; I may fight; I may stand aside in shock; I may sit back in pride; I may doubt. However, I may also pursue; I may also listen; I may also extend grace; I may also speak your truth; I may also love. Be present in my action and my inaction, my outspokenness and my silence, my belief and my unbelief. Be present in my social awkwardness, my scars from rec league seminary sports, and my constant questions in hopes of understanding Hebrew. Use all things in my life for your good, even if I forget to surrender them to you. Humble me each and every day with the beauty you are creating in my life, just as you illustrated to me today through old writing. And help my friends, acquaintances, and strangers along the way to experience the same.

In the name of the one who accepts us as we are, amen.


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