Dear neighbor

As typical for me during times of crisis, I struggle to find words today. While I know and believe that words are powerful, I feel as if they are not enough. Somehow nothing feels like enough to bring justice and peace and love to this world. Yet in the midst of the storm, I am reminded that I am not called to save the entire world. That has already been done for us. I am asked to give my best, give my everything. So for now, I promise to give my best, for one and for all.

Dear neighbor,

I promise to see you. Always as another human. A human with rights and struggles and scars. A human who lacks certainty and unity and full understanding. Though your life may be different from mine, I will not forget the importance of your presence. Even when we disagree.

I promise to listen. All of the events of your life add up to make you who you are; and who you are matters. I will listen when no one else will. I will listen to as much as you want to tell me. Insomuch, I will gain even the slightest bit more of perspective and respect, and I will be grateful. You have a voice, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I promise to act. When words are too quiet or unfulfilling or more painful than good, I promise to not give up. I may not always know when or where or how, but nevertheless I will give you 110% of bona fide movement, exertion,vitality. Imagine what the world could be if we simply promised to act in service to our neighbor. So that is my promise to you.

I promise to love. Love overcomes misunderstanding. Love drives out darkness. Love opens hearts and minds. Love is power. Love breaks borders. Love wins. Even when I don’t have energy or ability or access or flexibility or heart, I will love you anyway.

And most of all, I promise to remind you. I will remind you that the Savior of the world came for all, which includes me and you and the people we don’t get along with or understand or know. I will remind you that we are all promised love and peace and grace and unity because the God that created us wants nothing more than love and peace and grace and unity for us all. I will preach this message to remind myself and anyone who listens for as long as there is breath in my lungs. I believe there is nothing more important to bring us together and provide us with the life and the connection and the world which was designed for us.

In the spirit of the One who keeps all promises,


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