These days, happiness looks like sunglasses on and windows down
Like talking to the person I love until 3am
Like a whole day off to read for pleasure

These days, happiness feels like clean sheets
Like the sun on my back for the first time in months
Like a fresh suit that fits just right

These days, happiness sounds like birds chirping at the start of the morning
Like blasting Mahler in an open atrium
Like the one who holds my heart whispering “I love you” in my ear

These days, happiness seems like it will never fade
Like even when things are hard, it will always be stronger
Like a breath of fresh air that makes me feel alive for the first time

These days, happiness looks like fruitful conversations
Like making big gestures to communicate how I feel
Like celebrating the beauty that overwhelms me

These days, happiness feels like I can’t contain it for just myself
Like God is calling me to freedom and a clearer calling and identity
Like truth in a way I’ve never known

These days, happiness is overflowing out of my heart into everything I am
It is God-given and I praise God for that every single day
It is bound to proliferate


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  1. It is easy to sense your total happiness through the words you have written. May God continue His blessings in your life and in the lives of those you serve!


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