Public Restrooms

Without fail, every time I’m at an airport, someone attempts to correct me about the restroom I’m trying to enter. It’s never kind. There’s never a moment for consideration before accusation. Just blatant allegations that I am a predator based on my appearance and my need to use the bathroom. I’ve had this experience with moms waiting in line with their kids, with men waiting for someone to come out, with old women, with young ladies fixing their make up in the mirror. The judgment and discrimination has no bounds. It just hurts. Every time. Even when I know it’s coming. So a little evening layover public service announcement: yes, it is good for you to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. However, please take a moment before you start staking claims. I’m lucky I am secure in my identity, including my gender expression. But ignorance can do some serious damage.

I don’t use the restroom in airports anymore without Katie with me. I feel like a child, but I don’t want to risk threat just to relieve myself. Remember the humanity in others. Give folkx a chance. Take a breath for yourself and others.

The Bible reminds us to love one another, to forgive time and time again, to dust our feet off when we’re not welcome. Today I’m finding that challenging as all of my mental effort this week was preparing to help our foster kid travel on a plane for the first time, but the only issue we’ve had is people correcting where I go to the bathroom. I pray I can be gracious. But I also pray for the world to get better. If not for me, if not for us, do it for the kids who are watching and learning from everything we do.

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  1. Kelly, my heart is sad for these hostile comments to you. I am hoping that the plane trip will go well for the three of you. Good luck with being foster parents…


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