Two Rings

I’ve gone through a series of seasons in my life of wearing different rings. Different symbols of what was important to me mixed with fascinating designs and styles. Though I am a person who likes/craves consistency, I have changed my combination of the rings I wear over the years. That is until about two years ago. Two years ago, my perspective on what I needed to be visually reminded of daily solidified and I have worn the same two rings ever since. Because I am in my first year of seminary (which is highly deconstructive and encourages a total breakdown of everything you know in order to help you establish who you really are and what you believe), I’ve been in a state of reflection and I’ve needed to fall back on my two rings and what they stand for. I decided to write these things down today in hopes that it may help others through their current season as well.

On my right ring finger, I wear my Furman class ring. I wear it as a reminder of where I come from. A reminder of a place that more fully opened my mind to who it is that God is calling me to be. A reminder of all of the lessons I learned in those four years: good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. A reminder that I know how to work hard; I know how to push through barriers to become a more educated, loving, engaged human being; I know how to honor the privileges I’ve been awarded through my work. Most importantly, I wear this ring as a reminder that I am always growing, always learning, always becoming who I was intended to be. I can look at this ring every day and be reminded of that.

On my left pointer finger, I wear a solid band with a cross etched on it. This ring is a reminder of why I am here. I need to be reminded every day of the incredible design that has gone into saving my life, which included the sacrifice on a cross and includes a call for me to honor that with every thought and action. I need to be reminded every day that the Creator of the universe chases after me, desires a relationship with me, and loves me so much. I certainly need to be reminded every single day that God works dialectically. God uses our weakness to display strength; God turns failure into beauty; God died to bring each and every one of us life. Therefore, I am reminded every day that I am taken care of, I am sought after, I am loved, and I am enough. I can look at this ring every day and be reminded of that.

So no matter your choice of jewelry or how you engage your reminders, I pray today you can be reminded of what matters. I pray you can remember where you came from and be thankful for each of those steps along the way. I pray you can rejoice in all that you are and all that you contribute to this world. I pray you can discover a way to connect to our Creator every moment of every day. And most importantly, I pray you can find hope in the small things because God gave those to us, too.

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  1. You continue to astound us with the maturity you possess…way beyond your young years. Your heartfelt and beautifully written words touch hearts, minds, souls, and lives. Because of those touches and knowing you personally, we are all better because of you than we would have been without you. May God’s blessings continue to rain down upon you as you honor Him daily in thought, word, and deed. Your Pelham Road Baptist friends will always love you and cherish you…so grateful that our paths crossed!


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